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Words could never describe the spiritual experience you get, when you attend a past life regression with Darcy. Blessing with grace and gratitude.
— Teena M.

Anytime I feel that I am struggling with something that I can’t seem to work through on my own and need help I make an appointment with Darcy for a hypnotherapy appointment. It’s such a wonderful feeling that you don’t have to stay stuck. Thank you so much for your help and what you do.
— Roxanne N.

I really enjoyed my past life hypnotherapy with Darcy. I felt like I was able to let go of a lot of anxiety. Exploring my past lives was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to my next session
— Katey T.

I found Divine Clarity last fall 2018 and the moment I entered their building it felt like home. I came back for their open house and I booked a hypnotherapy session with Darcy. And despite being very anxious about it, Darcy’s gentle, kind, non-judgmental demeanor set me at ease which allowed me to do some long overdue healing. Following this, I had many interests and questions about their courses and was unsure which direction to take and found myself calling a few times for clarification. Their receptionists are exceptional as they always patiently answer your questions and if they do not know the answer they find out for you. I’ve just completed the Spiritual Development course with Kristel and it gave me much more than I expected. Kristel is generous and open with sharing her information and personal experiences and is truly a messenger to raise consciousness and help people to be the best version of themselves. She is kind, authentic and gracious. I am grateful to have found this place and these wonderful people and I will be back.
— Karen B.

Great selection of crystals/cards to buy. Darcy is a wonderful Hypnotherapist and leaves you feeling great when you leave into the “outside” world.
— Robert K.

Had many amazing experiences at Divine Clarity!! I have had an amazing reading and took both levels of Theta Healing. Most recently, I had a Hypnotherapy session with Darcy. Words cannot describe how amazing the session! More magical experiences at Divine. I would recommend Hypnotherapy.
— Jodie D.

I had a Past Life Regression with Darcy the other day! What an amazing experience. Afterwards I was able to actually do some research and validate what I experienced! Honestly couldn’t of made it up if I tried, also I had to really look for the information so it’s not something I learned in school. I highly recommend Darcy, he is very intuitive and really knows what he’s doing.
— Vanessa

I am very pleased with my reiki experience at Divine Clarity. It was a perfect fit of good energy from the minute I walked in greeted by the receptionist to the reiki session. It was great! Thanks so much. I will be back.
— Gerry P

My visit was uplifting, I’ll be back soon.
— Marilyn R. ~ Alleviating Anxiety Workshop

Had hypnosis session with Darcy in July. Very interesting, thank you Darcy.
— Beverly ~ Hypnotherapy

Had a Reiki session with Darcy on July 5th. A++ experience. Thank you Darcy!
— Patrice M. ~ Reiki Session

I SO enjoyed my appointment with Darcy doing an in-depth Chakra and Aura Report . He was very professional and did a phenomenal job putting together a well rounded report including psychology/the physical body and the spiritual. This will be a great ‘entry’ experience for many of my clients as they begin to dive into the spiritual but still desire the psychology behind chakras/auras etc. So thankful!!
— Terri-Lynn D. ~ In Depth Aura & Chakra Report

I would like to give my warmest gratitude to Darcy regarding our first past life regression appointment together, which was a very spiritual lifting experience that has really helped me to understand some of my inner feelings towards my childhood. My wife and I look forward to our first medium reading with Kristel, and from what I’ve seen during the group readings, I have no doubt her gifts will amaze us and the wait will be well worth it. Thank you to Darcy, Kristel and especially Nicolette who introduced me into this amazing environment!
— Chad H. ~ Past Life Regression

Just had my first Hypnotherapy session with Darcy and you undeniably physically feel a difference while going through the session. My journey with Divine Clarity has been life changing in a very positive and healing way. Thank you Kristel and Darcy for sharing your gift with us.
— Patrice ~ Hypnotherpy

Had an amazing afternoon there today. First had an in-depth aura and chakra reading done by Darcy then spent an hour relaxing in the healing haven. Left feeling rejuvenated and lighter. Will be back again!
— Melanie L. ~ In Depth Aura & Chakra Report

I was lucky to have the chance to try a past life regression with Darcy. I was excited, but also quite nervous going in, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Darcy was very warm and welcoming, and talked me through everything at the beginning. I learned valuable lessons that I need to work on now in my life... also my homework. :) Having had some time to let my experience sink in, I am feeling more relaxed, and feel like I’m more able to take things as they happen. I did feel emotional towards the end, but I would very much recommend this experience. Darcy was very patient and understanding. Thank you Darcy for this opportunity.
— Katrina ~ Past Life Regression

My wife gave me a gentle push but glad she did. Darcy really helped me a lot. Guys don’t be shy!
— Michael C. ~ Hypnotherapy

Darcy is truly an amazing healer. I had a great session with him and feel in my heart a lot happier and my soul a little lighter!
— Janine C. ~ ThetaHealing

I have had one session (so far) with Darcy and I will travel the 225 miles to go back for more. He’s a very kind soul and everything he does comes from love and compassion. The retail shop here is also worth checking out. Lots of unique products at reasonable prices. The staff here is excellent too. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I met Kristel once at a group reading and she is an amazing person as well. I can’t wait to schedule an appointment with her also. This place is the real deal!
— Rhonda

I had a past life regression with Darcy and it was an amazing experience. He also assisted me with what is happening in my life now bringing me much needed clarity.
— Seann ~ Past Life Regression

Darcy is a kind and gentle healer! Happy and grateful that he’s apart of my life journey!
— A.M.

Darcy is a very confident, knowledgeable teacher and therapist who will lead you, your friends and family members through sessions capable of improving life situations and understanding.
— Ron

I have seen Darcy for Reiki and Hypnotherapy. All of these sessions were amazing. Darcy is very professional and his kind demeanor makes you feel at ease. After my reiki, I had experienced some physical issues which were a precursor to an emotional breakthrough and the breaking of old habits. Once the breakthrough happened, the physical issue went away. My hypnotherapy visits released a lot of my negative preprogrammed beliefs, self doubt and the list goes on. Darcy helped me uncover my confidence, forgiveness of self and others, understand my underlying fears & where they originated and release them and revealed to me good things about myself. I was finally unstuck! There are not enough words to describe the difference my visits have made.
— Michelle S. ~ Reiki & Hypnotherapy

I have been working with Darcy since March 2015. He has brought my life a sense of guidance and he has made it easier for me to deal with chronic illness. His Reiki sessions have calmed me and even brought me a vision of peace, forgiveness, and joy. I have also seen him for Hypnotherapy and found that there are a lot of unconscious blocks I haven’t been addressing in my life. I look forward to having another Hypnotherapy session with him this month to see what other energy blocks I can release. Thank you Darcy for all your support and direction!
— Tasha K. ~ Reiki & Hypnotherapy

I met Darcy for the first time today and am so pleased I have met him for a session of TIme Line Therapy. With his direction I was able to release some situations and emotions that have bothered me for some time. Darcy followed me both attentively and accurately during our session. I certainly would recommend Darcy as he is professional, caring, and very authentic. Thanks Darcy.
— Lori ~ Hypnotherapy

I had the Past Life Regression done through Hypnosis with Darcy. My results were OUTSTANDING! I was able to connect through internet with one of the places I had been in a different life! It was an amazing experience. I then took Reiki Level 1 with Kristel and that too was a very comfortable, beautiful experience. Kristel was born to teach, she made everything clear and fun. They are both so knowledgeable in this field, it’s hard to see anyone else. A true Gem of a couple!
— Sarah

Past Life Regression with Darcy was such a great experience! Through this I was able to gain insight on valuable lessons learned that benefit my life now. Darcy eased any fears I had surrounding this process and was incredibly professional, patient, and gentle!
— Melissa ~ Past Life Regression

Darcy is very warm and makes the experience a great one. I felt very comfortable and left my session with a feeling of completion and understanding and although feeling a little emotional afterwards, I have had time to process my thoughts and now feel great. It all helped to understand life and what’s holding you down. I would tell everyone to try this. It’s a great feeling. Enjoy. Thx Darcy.
— Amanda G.

Doing Hypnotherapy is a great healing tool where Darcy is your guide. I was nervous at first, but Darcy’s calm and gentle nature made me feel comfortable. In comparison to other healing modalities, as a client you’re the one navigating the session and shedding light on what needs to be healed, then Darcy gently guides you to heal those areas. I’ve had two successful sessions with him, especially the last one! Three days after working on my fear of success I had a meeting with my boss. He told me that I have what it takes to be a manager in the company and we implemented a plan to get me there! The “static” of fearing success is completely gone and my boss and I are very pleased with my progression! I plan to continue hypnotherapy to compliment my other healing services I receive from Divine Clarity.
— A.M. ~ Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression with Darcy was gentle, comfortable, loving, and enlightening. Darcy was supportive throughout the whole process, and it was a fabulous first time experience in this healing modality.
— G.R. ~ Past Life Regression

Darcy, A big thank you for the wonderful day making drums, everyone enjoyed themselves. Will definitely tell people about your wonderful services!
— Pat ~ Drum Making Workshop
Highly recommend this service @darcykernaghan is a wonderful at helping you heal your body. You will feel rejuvenated and at peace with yourself, I can assure you!!!
— nicketboker ~ Aura & Chakra Report