A Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session will help you to uncover the most fascinating parts of who you are.  It can assist in understanding fears, phobias, obsessions, depression, relationship problems, and more.  

During a Past Life Regression session, Darcy will gently guide you into a light hypnotic state, and then back through this life, past your birth, and then further back into a past life (lives). You will be guided to the point of origin that an issue or program first came from and with direction be able to clear and heal it on a very deep level. The healing and forgiveness is then brought forth into one's present life to create more love, peace and happiness going forward.

One doesn't have to consciously believe in past lives for a Past Life Regression session to be beneficial. It is through the hypnotic state that you are brought deep down into your psyche to uncover and unravel the memories you carry of past lives. The experience of Past Life Regression can feel like a dream, where the client observes the events unfolding, but also may see, hear, and feel what is happening.  During the regression the client is always safe and in control.  You can learn more about Hypnotherapy and frequently asked questions here

Past Life Regression sessions can also assist you in understanding soul lessons and connections with others, in fact often clients will recognize a family member or friend even though they will be in a totally different body, and be aware of the connection or lessons involved.  It is a beautiful, enchanting and healing experience! 

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I had a Past Life Regression with Darcy the other day! What an amazing experience. Afterwards I was able to actually do some research and validate what I experienced! Honestly couldn’t of made it up if I tried, also I had to really look for the information so it’s not something I learned in school. I highly recommend Darcy, he is very intuitive and really knows what he’s doing.
— Vanessa